Art Bites Tours
Three people in an art gallery look at the camera. The people in the photo look like: a long-brown haired femme wearing a yellow sweater and flannel jacket, a thin non-binary person with long, dark curly hair and light skin, a medium-brown skinned non-binary person with medium length black curly hair and a beard.
WAM's 2023-24 cohort of student tour guides: Siobhan Mulloy, José Miguel Manrique, and Bevan Breaux.

Free, Student-Led Tours

THURSDAYS at 11:30 A.M., SATURDAYS at 1:30 P.M., SUNDAYS at 1:30 P.M. 

ART BITES are 30-minute, 3-stop tours given by Student WAM Guides developed under instruction from WAM’s LEARNING, ACCESSIBILITY, AND INCLUSION INTERN, Olivia Comstock.

The current Student WAM Guide cohort is comprised of: JOSÉ MIGUEL MANRIQUE [They/Them] – (Sophomore, Product Design & Creative Writing) and BEVAN BREAUX [They/Them] – (Senior, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies/Japanese).

The WAM Guides program is a paid opportunity for University of Minnesota students to develop and lead interactive, close-looking tours of the museum for the visiting public. Drop in, meet other curious-minded museum goers, and listen to your WAM Guide approach the museum’s collection via a theme of their own choosing.