Anthony Green: The Picture Maker, 1968
person sitting on chair on green rug in small room
Anthony Green
The Picture Maker, 1968
Oil on hardboard, 17 ⅞ x 51 ¾ inches


Anthony Green’s The Picture Maker is painted in his signature illustrated style with playful colors and a skewed perspective. Green’s work is characterized by attention to detail and a sense of whimsy. His subjects are often humorous, and he frequently draws images from his own life. Many paintings, including The Picture Maker, are self-portraits.


Anthony Green, a British painter born in 1939, is known for portraying scenes from his own middle-class domestic life. The imagery is typically mundane and relatable, such as domestic interiors, but the artist lends a humorous and quirky tone to the subject with color, graphics, and skewed perspective. Green maintains that his unusually shaped canvases are due to his belief that paintings have no edges and therefore cannot be contained in rectangular form.