May 16, 2017

WAM Collective Senior Farewell


Well, it’s official. We graduated. Our time on the WAM Collective has come to a close. I would like to extend my deepest thanks to Katie Covey, WAM staff, and all of the rest of the WAM Collective members for taking us in and providing us with opportunities to grow as people and professionals. Our time at WAM, and the University of Minnesota, was fleeting, but it prepared us with everything we need to know to tackle the “real world” or at least to tackle art museums.

To cope with my bittersweet sentiments, I asked my fellow WAM Collective seniors to reflect on their WAM memories. Here are some of the highlights of the conversation that ensued.

Favorite WAM Memory?

“The Clouds premiere party! A lot of my friends were able to come, and it was awesome to have them interact with the art and my collective friends” Gina Watylyk

“So many – most recently our blog committee fieldtrip to get McDonald’s hash browns” Elise Armani


If you were to give a shout out to a fellow WAM Collective member, who would it be and why?

“I need to give a HUGE shoutout to Elise Armani. She has been a great friend and role model to me in the Collective this past year! Honestly do not know if I am going to get anything done post-grad without her email reminders and gcal invites” Caitlyn Carr

“Gina Watylyk – She’s a very valuable team member, an awesome writer, undeniably herself, and has a hilarious twitter. The world needs more Ginas” Elise Armani

“Laurel. She gets it” Keith Murphy


Describe a valuable skill WAM Collective has given you

“Learning what it takes to put on an event at a museum!! Also, to dream big – I still can’t believe we hosted IMPRINTS in the gallery for the first time, what a night” Meg Kelly

Why did you join the WAM Collective?

“I love art and I am passionate about bringing it to others. I can’t believe how incredibly lucky I am to go to a school with a museum like the Weisman on campus, and a group like the Collective exists for the purpose of engaging the student body with the museum” Gina Watylyk

Any last words?

“There are going to be a lot of clueless moments in your life that don’t just go away when you graduate, so enjoy those clueless moments and laugh gently at yourself” Meg Kelly

“Wamily for life” Keith Murphy


Congratulations to the WAM Collective Class of 2017: Elise Armani, Caitlyn Carr, Asia Cruz, Meg Kelly, Keith Murphy and Gina Watylyk!

My only WAM regret was not getting involved sooner. If you have a passion for art, or other creative endeavors, or are looking to develop your professional museums skills, WAM Collective is taking applications for fall 2017 membership!

To join WAM Collective or find more ways to get involved at WAM visit!

Caitlyn Carr is a senior at the University of Minnesota majoring in Art History with a minor in CSCL. Originally from Chicago, she is loving her time in the Twin-Cities (though she misses her beloved Cubbies). Her passions include traveling, dancing, communicating only through emojis, and of course, telling anyone who will listen how amazing WAM is. Just back from a semester in Italy, she is thrilled to be more involved with the Collective for the upcoming year!

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