January 31, 2017

Design Showcase IMPRINTS Under Way

Our 6th annual design showcase IMPRINTS is in full swing this semester as apparel design students visit the museum and begin concept development for their designs. Taking inspiration from Melissa Stern’s exhibition The Talking Cure and Rebecca Krinke’s practice in What Needs To Be Said students are tasked with creating a runway garment that utilizes non-traditional, found, upcycled and recycled items that ‘speak to them.’


Photo by Haily Schmitz.

Questions that students ask themselves as they begin the ideation process: how does your external self-presentation interact with your internal self? What do you conceal or enhance? What do the objects you consume and collect tell about who you are?


The show will be Wednesday April 19 at the Weisman Art Museum. Until then, be sure to stop by the Talking Cure exhibit to share your own story. The collection of quirky, quasi-human figures in the gallery invite viewers to share their stories, while reflecting on the power of stories to inform who we are and how we treat one another.

WAM Collective’s annual Student Design Showcase will be held this year on April 19th featuring garments designed by UMN Apparel Design students with inspiration from the Weisman Art Museum’s exhibition the Talking Cure.

The Talking Cure will be on display in the Target Studio for Creative Collaboration will be on display in the galleries through April 30th. For information on the exhibition or more related programming visit www.weisman.umn.edu

Meg Kelly is a senior studying Strategic Communication with minors in Spanish and Design. In her free time she can be found listening to 22, A Million on repeat and watching Modern Family reruns. She thinks Goldy is the cutest mascot in the Big 10 and has been known to get super nervous whenever Goldy is in sight because he is her biggest crush. Go Gophs!

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