Hide Kawanishi, The Pond, 6 color woodcut, 1957.


The Weisman’s Art Rental Program offers U of M students, employees, and departments the opportunity to display pieces of art from the museum’s rental collection in their homes or offices. More than 300 framed, ready-to-hang, original artworks are available for rent at the WAM Shop.

Renting is affordable

U students: $15 per artwork per semester; limit of three works per semester

U employees: $45 per artwork per year; limit of five works per year

U departments: $45 per artwork per year; no limit

Questions? Contact artrent@umn.edu for more information.

Be sure to check out the HOMEWORK Collection (just for students!)

In 2018, WAM launched the student-only HOMEWORK art rental collection, with artwork selected by the museum’s student group, WAM Collective. Featuring prints, drawings, and photographs by both established and emerging artists – the collection contains a limited number of ready-to-hang works, available only to students.

How it began

The Art Rental program was started by the museum’s founding director, Hudson Walker, in 1934. Together with his wife Ione, he assembled the collection of American art the forms the heart of the museum’s collection today. The Art Rental program was a way to bring original art into the everyday lives of students, faculty, and staff at the University.