Nooshin Hakim Javadi and Pedram Baldari will create a mobile radio station acting as a platform for connecting with researchers of immigration, mobility, and trauma. The University’s Center for New Americans in the Law School and the Target Studio serve as their bases. They will develop a program of broadcasts—interviews, storytelling, and sound performances—and establish a discursive program of engagement with academic and immigrant communities. Javadi and Baldari will use the radio transmission as a tool and as a metaphor, envisioning a flexible yet resistant and mobile rhizome-like engagement that extends well beyond the museum walls. This project is supported by a grant from Stardust.

Center for New Americans, University of Minnesota Law School

On March 6, Javadi and Baldari hosted the inaugural broadcast of Radio Rhizome in the Target Studio. Read a review of that broadcast here.

In addition to their work on Radio Rhizome, Baldari created wind instruments out of decommissioned rifles, which were used in Variations of Sounds Traveling between a Barrel and a Heart.

Above image by Seth Dahlseid


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