Nooshin Hakim Javadi and Pedram Baldari created a mobile radio station that acted as a platform for connecting with researchers of immigration, mobility, and trauma. The Center for New Americans and the University’s Law School and the Target Studio served as their bases. They developed a program of broadcasts—interviews, storytelling, and sound performances—and established a discursive program of engagement with academic and immigrant communities. Javadi and Baldari hope to use the radio transmission as a tool and as a metaphor, envisioning a flexible yet resistant and mobile rhizome-like engagement that extends well beyond the museum walls. This project is supported by a grant from Stardust.


In March 2019, Javadi and Baldari hosted the inaugural broadcast of Radio Rhizome in the Target Studio. Read a review of that broadcast here.


In addition to their work on Radio Rhizome, Baldari created wind instruments out of decommissioned rifles, which were used in Variations of Sounds Traveling between a Barrel and a Heart.


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Nooshin Hakim Javadi and Pedram Baldari. Photograph by Seth Dahlseid.