Rebecca Merblum. Photo: Hauser Wirth


In a globalized world overloaded with experiences, are we aware of the power of sound? Can the presence of live music create intimate and multifaceted conversations? Can it amplify ideas, create new connections and feed our bodies better than words? Cellist Rebecca Merblum would like to invite a new conversation that integrates musical language into speech, expression and ideas. Musicians share this within their community, but does it have to be limited to musicians? And who is to say that a musician hears more anyhow? Let’s break our preconceptions and simply begin. Music will be present in the conversation, and by inviting sound we will open new pathways toward collaboration across experiences.

Rebecca invites you to have a conversation with her and her cello at the Weisman Art Museum. Bridge languages, weave thoughts, and connect. What happens when the cello joins the conversation? Discover together.

She will host conversations from April 7-12, 2020, in 30-minute slots.