Interactive project by Max Hoaglund for Art(ists) on the Verge. Photo: Rik Sferra, courtesy of the artist

Form Feed

In the first iteration of this creative collaborative project in 2020, Minneapolis-based artist and technologist Max Hoaglund challenged the model of a digital social network as having a shape predetermined by the owner, such as Facebook, and asked: what is the potential of users themselves designing the shape of a digital social platform? Working with four collaborators—artists, scientists, activists—Max developed a prototype of a minimalist, text-based social platform. As the group experimented with the new tool, they discovered that it lends itself to be a powerful platform for collective creation of poetry and playwriting.

In the next iteration of the project in 2021-22, the team will focus on this specific direction: developing a social platform for collaborative writing, as means of both – creation of text-based artworks and of live text-based performance. This will include development of some “choreographic” features to control spatial and temporal aspects of text and its dynamic layout.