Target Studio welcomes visitors to drop in, connect with community, and engage in creative exploration. The Studio offers a range of interactive activities and programs that add meaning, engagement, and complexity to museum exhibitions, creating arts experiences that encourage visitors to explore and interact with content on a deeper level. Activities include open studio art-making, workshops, demonstrations, discussions, film screenings and guided experiences with artists, curators, community members and interdisciplinary practitioners. 

Open Studio

October 2023 

Open studio invites you to move at a self-directed pace through a variety of art-making activities that are thematically developed in conversation with the museum’s collections and current exhibitions. Free and open to the public. 

A framed painting of a wooded landscape, dark and heavy in vibe, with moody black trees and deep browns and an overcast sky

Practice Art x Art Practice

October Open Studio: Inner and Outer Landscapes

In art history, the term “landscape” refers to a genre or style of visual art that focuses primarily on depicting natural scenery, such as mountains, forests, rivers, valleys, and other elements of the natural environment. Landscapes can be both realistic and imaginary. They have been a significant subject in the history of art across various cultures and periods, though were originally seen as inferior subjects for painting in the French and Italian art academies.

An inner landscape in art refers to the representation of an artist’s internal thoughts, emotions, experiences, and psychological state through visual elements within an artwork. It is a metaphorical depiction of the artist’s inner world, often conveyed through symbolic imagery, abstract forms, and artistic techniques that evoke a sense of the artist’s emotions, memories, and introspection.

DROP IN to the Target Studio during open museum hours and make your own landscape through a self directed, hands on art-making activity. Supplies and instructions are provided. Free and open to the public.

Image credit: Marsden Hartley, Juniper and Sleet, Dogtown, 1931. Oil on board, 70.5 × 85.7 cm. Gifted in loving memory of Elaine B. & Walter W. Walker from her children. 2020.6


An illustration of an open mouth, with the words Art Bites between the teethArt Bites

Art Bites are discussion-based tours that provide participants the opportunity to learn about select works of art and engage with exhibition themes through art-making and creativity inquiry. Select dates and times. 




A self portrait comprised of puzzle pieces, interwoven with brightly colored string.Imagination Studio

Led by a team of mental health specialists, artists, and museum educators, Imagination Studio is an immersive research study investigating how engaging with creative arts activities may help college students who are experiencing depression. Presented in collaboration with the University of Minnesota Department of Psychiatry and Behavior Health and Masonic Institute of the Developing Brain.