A student guide with her back turned to the camera exclaims about a painting on the wall; A group of 8 people form a semi-circle around her, listening intently

Student Guide Suzette Gilreath leads a tour at the 2019 Baggage Claims opening. (Credit: Jayme Halbritter)


Apply to be a Gallery Host | 5 Spots Available


Stipend: $200
Academic Credit: 2 credits depending on qualifications
Internship Dates: Three four-hour orientation sessions on January 14, 15, and 16, 2020; Flexible schedule between February – May 2020 depending on class schedule.
Eligibility: Registered UMN undergraduate, graduate or professional student.
Apply: Please submit cover letter and resume to WAM’s Director of Education, Jamee Yung, at jtyung@umn.edu by Tuesday, December 10, 2019.


WAM Gallery Hosts lead 15-minute, drop-in conversations that teach audiences how to find meaning in any work of art. This is an excellent opportunity for students to integrate art into their experience at the University and to become part of the WAM community. The program is open to all University of Minnesota undergraduate and graduate students. We are seeking applicants with diverse interests, skills, and experience who are excited about storytelling, creative thinking, and connecting with people and ideas. All majors welcome.


Participation in the Gallery Host program is contingent upon the successful completion of orientation. The training requires a time commitment similar to that of an academic course and includes exploration of the museum’s collection, discussions on the methodology of museum tours, and facilitating a tour for your peers. Interested students must attend training sessions to be held on January 14, 15, and 16, 2020; lunch will be provided. Gallery Hosts commit to hosting 2 study sessions per semester. $200 stipend. 5 spots available.