Public art has become a popular and effective way of building a sense of community and giving public spaces meaningful identity. Like all art, the works inspire observers to think about their world differently. This transformative quality gives public art an important educational role throughout the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus.

The Public Art on Campus Program was established in 1988. Since then there have been more than three-dozen public artworks installed on campus. The University’s public art collection is highly visible, placed in areas where the pieces become a part of everyday life adding interest to parks, plazas, and indoor atriums.

Image: Eduardo Kac, Natural History of the Enigma, fiberglass, 2009.
Location: Outside the Cargill Genomics Building, Saint Paul campus

Public Art Resources


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 CloudGuide Audio Tour

The Weisman’s audio tour is available for download on the free CloudGuide app. The app includes audio tours featuring highlights of both the permanent collection and the Public Art on Campus collection, short videos created by Weisman tour guides, and in-depth descriptions of the works. CloudGuide is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

Tour guide with a flag leading two peopleGuided Tours of Public Art on Campus

Explore the University of Minnesota’s Public Art on Campus collection on an outdoor walking tour with a Weisman tour guide! Tours are available for groups of 3-15 and cover ~1.5-2 miles of the U of M Twin Cities campus. Guided tours are $60 and require two weeks advance notice. Dates and times are subject to availability. REQUEST YOUR TOUR HERE >>

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In 2013, WAM celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Public Art on Campus Program with the website PA25. features an interactive map that presents works of twenty-five artists created on campus from the past twenty-five years that range dramatically in size, medium and style. See the artists here>>