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Anna Marie Shogren is a dance artist in the Twin Cities whose uses dance and the language of contact in healthcare practices to enhance quality of life. Kristine Talley is an associate professor in the School of Nursing and director of the Center for Aging Science & Care Innovation. Together they examine how dancers and caregivers can collaborate on developing creative, innovative treatment and care practices to improve geriatric care outcomes and communities.

In November, the pair opened the yearlong residency with a conversation about the relationship between choreography and health care. On April 3 at WAM, audiences experienced these approaches in guided restoration; the event mirrored the work being done with longterm care communities as part of “Lifelong Choreographies.”

Anna’s performances are on Wednesdays and Fridays, 12:00 – 4:00 p.m in the Target Studio. (exceptions: 9/25, 9/27, 10/16, 10/18, 11/29)

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Image: Anna Marie Shogren, FALLS, 2018. Performed during Northern Spark 2018, a project of Northern, at the Minneapolis Central Library.