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WORKSHOP TWO: Life in Arts and Sciences: A Hands-On Workshop | November 30, 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.
This workshop is for students and scholars of life sciences.

In the life sciences, researchers study living systems by removing them from their environment and placing them in the sterile confines of the lab. Art often operates similarly: objects in galleries are isolated from every day life, giving viewers a new perspective. This workshop, designed for students and scholars of life sciences, blends these two worlds. It examines a practice from daily work in the lab—working in a sterile environment—and situates it in a museum gallery through the construction of a DIY sterile hood. This workshop will cover issues concerning sterility in science and art. It will also explore ways that art is utilizing the knowledge and application of life sciences to inform us about the nature of our bodies and the concept of life.

For more information, contact Boris Oicherman (boris@umn.edu).


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