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We often talk about the problems of water or water issues, but one thing I have learned by spending time with the Collaborative is that water is not a problem. It takes the shape of the container that it’s in, and our culture is a container that gives meaning and shape to water and to our relationships with water, land, and one another. —Shanai Matteson, the Water Bar and Public Studio


Academic knowledge, embodied knowledge, personal knowledge, collective knowledge, cultural knowledge—what does it mean to truly know something? Not to know about it but know it, learn with it, teach in it. What kind of an educational model might we create if we disregard hierarchies of knowing and recognize a radical diversity knowledge. “Ways of Knowing Water” is a community of artists, scientists, scholars, thinkers, craftsmen, and others who are collectively learning how to feel, think, know, read, and taste water, in an attempt to devise a holistic model that addresses water as a “discipline” of its own. What they learn will become the foundation of new paradigms for research, teaching, artistic development, and public engagement.

Join the Collaborative for a public-facing seminar this October. Register for the seminar here>>

Ways of Knowing Water is a collaborative initiative by WAM, the Water Bar and Public Studio, and the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment, supported by a grant from the Institute for Advanced Studies.