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The issues faced by strip club entertainers—job insecurity, harassment, and wage theft—are regularly the subject of journalism, yet entertainers’ own experiences are rarely included in discussions. During her residency in the Target Studio last year, Monica Sheets has established The Feminist Strip Club: a creative collective of past and present entertainers who examine the attitudes toward erotic dance, ambivalence of women’s work, and transactional exchanges in emotional labor and intimacy. The work led to the first issue of the The GRIND magazine which showcases the entertainers’ experiences and visions for the future of stripping. This spring, The Target Studio will be used as a workspace for the collective to develop the second issue of The GRIND in collaboration with Labor Education Services of the Carlson School of Management.

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The Feminist Strip Club is supported by A Blade of Grass fellowship program, with additional support provided by Stardust and the Puffin Foundation Ltd.