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Featuring the work of local artists Vesna Kittelson and Carolyn Halliday, and New York based artist Julia Randall, Dear Darwin presents their individual explorations on the themes of natural science, evolution, and the figure of Darwin himself. Kittelson’s books present imaginary “evolved” flowers from Mrs. Darwin’s Garden while Halliday presents passages on evolution written on forms knitted from sausage casings. Randall’s large drawings present creatures and plants that have advanced beyond imagination.


decoy1-small            eco-codex300


Image top: Vesna Kittelson, Mrs. Darwin’s Garden, Book Four, 2014, accordion book. Courtesy of the artist.

Image left: Julia Randall, Decoy #1, 2005, colored pencil on paper. Courtesy of the artist.

Image right: Carolyn Halliday, Eco Codex Textilis, n.d. gut, maker, steel, and linen. Courtesy of the artist.