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“Radical” means many things to me. It can mean new, it can mean innovative, but it also means moving away from what is the norm. It is a radical idea that we could look at mothers as doing radical work. — Amoke Kubat

In 2010, Amoke Kubat founded Yo Mama’s House, a cooperative for women who are artists, mothers, activists, and healers within the rich, multicultural community of North Minneapolis. Now, with her residency in Target Studio, Kubat expands her creative practice: Working in concert with Northside creatives, she will guide visitors’ journeys through the Northside. During this Black History Month, come experience Afrofuturism—reimagining a future through the lens of the African diaspora.

In addition to the exhibition, Kubat will host a staged reading of ANGRY BLACK WOMAN and Well-Intentioned White Girl on the afternoon of Saturday, February 15. She will also host two film screenings featuring the works of Northside artists on the evenings of February 26 and March 11.


Image: A scene from Amoke’s November installation of Yo Mama’s House. Photograph by Boris Oicherman.