November 1, 2021

Big River Continuum Podcast: Stories of the Land/Connect

Featured interview subjects in Big River Continuum's new podcast series

L to R: Dr. Carson Gardner, Kim Anderson, Shirley Nordrum, Connie Cox, Lesley Knoll. Photos: Rebecca Dallinger

Big River Continuum: PODCAST
Stories of the Land/Connect

Stories of the Land/Connect is a podcast series of interviews with people in northern Minnesota, sharing their lives and connections to the rural landscape.
Host: Rebecca Dallinger, Curator in Residence, The Big River Continuum at Weisman Art Museum.

This series is made possible through support from the University of Minnesota’s: Weisman Art Museum (WAM), Extension’s Central and Northwest- Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships (RSDP), and Itasca Biological Field Station at Itasca State Park.

Episode #1 — “Connie Cox: Must be something in the water”

Connie Cox is a Naturalist at Itasca State Park, one of the most visited and oldest parks in Minnesota. In our conversation, Connie shares her life-stories and love for the Mississippi Headwaters.

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Episode #2 — “Shirley Nordrum: Dancing the Land”

Shirley Nordrum shares her Anishinaabe world-view working with land and community in and across Leech Lake, Red Lake, and White Earth.

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Episode #3 — “Dr. Carson Gardner: The Poetry of Place”

In this interview with Carson Gardner, he tells his stories of the Heron and how land called him here.

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Episode #4 — “Lesley Knoll: Creating Home in a New Place”

As a Station Scientist at the University of Minnesota’s Itasca Biological Station, Lesley Knoll discusses what it means to be home in a new place and her love for the winter. Knoll conducts research focusing on how global change affects freshwater systems. “My research is highly collaborative and aims to protect water resources facing multiple stressors such as climate change, land use change, and invasive species.” Discover more about her research at Yale Climate Connections. 

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Episode #5 — “Kim Anderson: The meaning of being from here”

Kim Anderson shares her Anishinaabe family story about intersections and interconnectedness between the Ojibwe language, White Earth, and what it means to be truly home.

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Episode #6 — “Mike Swan: More than just science—Anishinaabe knowledge systems”

Mike Swan speaks his truth on science,  knowledge, and working as a former Director of Natural Resources for White Earth Tribe.

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About the Big River Continuum

It is one thing to know about a river, and yet another altogether to consider the river itself as a way of knowing. By linking communities at the headwaters and delta of the Mississippi River, the Big River Continuum cultivates dynamic exchanges and connections for artists from both regions to create and define in collaborative residency programs that ignite inquiry into the interconnectedness of cultures, research and river/land environments. This project is a creative exchange with University of Minnesota’s Itasca Biological Station at the Mississippi headwaters, the Weisman Art Museum and the Curator for Creative Collaboration and Tulane University’s A Studio in the Woods in the Mississippi Delta. 

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