February 12, 2020

Meet the Gallery Hosts!

Meet the 2020 Gallery Hosts—your fearless and friendly student tour guides. Together they lead What’sArt?, a program designed to help audiences find meaning in any artwork. These 15-minute drop-in conversations are led by these guides and focused on a single artwork. So come ignore the labels and get lost in the work with this year’s guides: Brielle, Étienne, Özge, Sage, and Shannon.


A photo of Ozge at night, looking away from the camera. Behind her are streetlights and a dark sky.Ozge Ahunbay

“Hello, I am Özge and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Minnesota studying Journalism with a Global Studies minor. My favorite artwork at the Weisman Art Museum is the Evening Ferry scroll by Lee Tai-Shik in the Korean furniture section.”


Sage Caballero

Sage is a Sophomore majoring in Psychology, with a minor in Art History and GWSS. Sage is particularly interested in how all these subjects intersect within museums. They are a photographer and musician with a love for discovering new things. Sage loves experiencing new things and cultures. In their free time, you can find Sage bowling badly, playing guitar (hopefully not as badly), or hanging out in MCAE.


A selfie of Shannon, looking directly into the camera and smiling. The photo takes place indoors, in what appears to be an office.Shannon Gallagher

“hello! I’m Shannon, a self-taught artist studying graphic design. along with creating art, I love talking and writing about it as well, especially focusing on the connection between the words and visual presentation of them. I’m especially drawn to bright colors and sweeping landscapes, but I love engaging with all types of art. I’m always down to hang out in a museum!”





A close-up selfie of Brie, who is smiling into the camera.Brielle Pizzala

I’m Brielle Pizzala, I also go by Brie, like the cheese. I’m your friendly neighbor super nerd. I have three majors: art, art history, and history. I enjoy ceramics, crocheting, trivia, and powerlifting. I also love art, but that’s pretty oblivious at this point. And, I like cheese too!







Not pictured: Etienne Angulo-Umana


What’sArt? conversations are happening all the time. Find a tour works for you here >>

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