September 11, 2019


Friday night, students traveled from east bank, west bank, yes, even from St. Paul campus, to ring in the new school year and celebrate at WAM-O-RAMA. Standing in a long line that wrapped around the outside of the building and jamming out with Radio K to pass the time, sophomore Bianca Vivas and junior Aidan Pettilla waited patiently for their turn to screen-print a t-shirt with Bohemian Press. Pettilla had last visisted WAM during the Daniel McCarthy Clifford’s Section of Disapproved Books exhibition, and it was Vivas’ first time at WAM!

Meanwhile, students wandered the galleries inside, participated in student-led guided tours, and took a moment to center themselves and preserve energy before hitting the dance floor. One student rested on a bench while inquisitively observing three Alfred Maurer paintings. Sophomores Alba Rakacolli and Elias Lenz stood fascinated by the vessels in the Hodroff Gallery. Rakacolli visited WAM-O-RAMA last year, and the two agreed that they would definitely be back during the school year. When asked about their favorite part of WAM, Rakacolli replied, “just to walk around in a quiet space.”

The rest of the night included live performances from DJ Keezy, Lazy Scorsese, Qani, and RÅDĮØ ÅHŁËË. If you missed your chance to attend, not to worry! Make sure to take a look at our upcoming events and to sign up for out free student membership! See you at Study Night?


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