December 6, 2017

Graduate Studies… with a View



Imagine its the mid-1990’s and you’re trying to decide between grad schools while paging through all the printed catalogs you got in the mail last week. You come across these photos of stylish grad students, studying on the terrace of the spandy new Weisman Art Museum overlooking the Washington Ave bridge and Minneapolis’s downtown cityscape complete with Metrodome Stadium. Then, imagine yourself in the same situation. Pretty tempting, right?

Photo by Tom Foley.

Photo by Tom Foley.

Photo by Tom Foley.

When the snow isn’t flying (as it is today), WAM’s terrace is open to all visitors. But until spring, you’ll have to enjoy the view through the windows.

These photos were taken by long time UMN photographer, Tom Foley. While these images are not a part of WAM’s archival collection, it seemed appropriate to share them here. These images can be found in the Tom Foley Photo Collection, folder “Grad School”.

Heather Carroll is the processing archivist for the Weisman Art Museum‘s collection at the University of Minnesota Archives. This project was made possible by funds provided by the State of Minnesota from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the Minnesota Historical Society.


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