October 15, 2016

Meet Our 2016-2017 WAM Collective Members

As we focus on sustaining our established relationships, projects and goals, we also make room for growth, welcoming in new ideas and fresh perspectives. This fall the WAM Collective has grown by 6 members. Please help us in welcoming Natasha, Anya, Rae, Kaitlyn, Caleb and Melissa.

Natasha is a second year studying Urban Studies. She is very passionately from Cincinnati, OH but considers Chicago, IL her second home. When she has free time, Natasha is probably reading or knitting and watching netflix. Her main focus are how the arts intersect with social justice and community building and development. This is Natasha’s first year with the WAM Collective and she is very excited to be a part of this artistic community!



Aside from being your local Lily Munster enthusiast, Anya is a second year Art History and History major with a particular interest in alternative gallery spaces and museology. Although her primary focus is contemporary Eastern European art history, Anya also enjoys reading up on postwar print culture, transi tombs, and Conceptualism.


Raised among Arizonan prickly pears and tarantulas, Rae Barney is currently a first year at the University of Minnesota. If planning to engage in small talk, please refrain from mentioning the weather. Rae will probably cry.
Kaity is a third year in a Studio Art and Psychology double major with an interest for art therapy at UMN- Twin Cities. Hands filled with six shot americanos, most of her days are scrambling back and forth on the Washington bridge and crafting coffee for mindless airport travelers. In her spare time, she draws odd portraits on “trash”, asks herself why she doesn’t have a cat or dog yet, and watches Avatar and superhero tv series on an endless loop. Recently from Milwaukee, WI, Kaity is super excited to further her pursuits in art, all while engaging in the new city she calls home!

Caleb is a third year student from Madison, WI in the Graphic Design program at the University of Minnesota’s College of Design. He also interns at WAM as a communications and marketing intern and at local design firm Less Co.

Melissa is a sophomore studying Public and Nonprofit Management and Finance at the Carlson School of Management. She currently works in the University Honors Program, and although she is originally from Chicago, she is happy to call the U her home away from home. Melissa loves spending time outdoors and traveling, which she looks forward to doing this summer.  When not watching Netflix, Melissa can be found exploring campus, petting random dogs, or playing board games.

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