September 6, 2016

Meet the WAM Collective



Elise Armani is a fourth year BFA candidate, with a dual degree in Gender, Women and Sexuality studies and a minor in Art History. Elise is an artist and an independent curator, and works as the Projects & Programs assistant at WAM. In the off moments when she isn’t working, Elise enjoys reading, frolicking in nature, and spending time with her pitbull (child) Lando.

Caitlyn Carr is a senior at the University of Minnesota majoring in Art History with a minor in CSCL. Originally from Chicago, she is loving her time in the Twin-Cities (though she misses her beloved Cubbies). Her passions include traveling, dancing, communicating only through emojis, and of course, telling anyone who will listen how amazing WAM is. Just back from a semester in Italy, she is thrilled to be more involved with the Collective for the upcoming year!

Asia Cruz is a senior studying Marketing and Design, and she is the Events Chair with WAM Collective. She enjoys thinking creatively to answer life’s toughest questions: what is the most efficient way to solve a problem? What are we working on that we can do even better? And how many licks does it really take to get to the center of a lollipop? She also loves weird music, peanut butter, and doodling.

Lexi Herman is a B.F.A candidate at the University of Minnesota studying contradictions, the absurd, and the confluence of the two in her personal life. She is the Education Assistant at the Weisman and can often be found wandering art galleries and museums pretending to be someone important. In her free time she enjoys sweetly admiring her mid-century modern furniture.

Melissa Markay is a sophomore studying Public and Nonprofit Management and Finance at the Carlson School of Management. She  works in the University Honors Program, and although she is originally from Chicago, she is happy to call the U her home away from home. Melissa loves spending time outdoors and traveling, which she looks forward to doing this summer.  When not watching Netflix, Melissa can be found exploring campus, petting random dogs, or playing board games.


Kim David is a senior studying Art History with a minor in Art. She is from the northwest suburbs of Chicago and plans to move to downtown Chicago after graduating. Kim is a lover of big cities and can’t imagine ever living further away from one. You can usually find her working or doing schoolwork, but when she is not, she enjoys painting, cooking, being a complete fool with friends, and eating everything in site.

Gina Watylyk is a senior majoring in Technical Writing and Communication and minoring in Chemistry and Art History. She works as an editor and account executive at CLAgency, as a community advisor in Pioneer Hall, and as an office assistant in Frontier Hall. In her free time, Gina can be found going to concerts, riding her bike, eating brunch, or thinking about memes. Gina’s goal in life is to try as many ice cream flavors as possible.

Meg Kelly is a senior studying Strategic Communication with minors in Spanish and Design. In her free time she can be found listening to 22, A Million on repeat and watching Modern Family reruns. She thinks Goldy is the cutest mascot in the Big 10 and has been known to get super nervous whenever Goldy is in sight because he is her biggest crush. Go Gophs!

Keith Murphy is fourth-year Studio Art and Psychology double major. As a result, he spends a lot of his time is spent walking back and forth over the Washington Avenue bridge. While walking on said bridge his thoughts wonder from cross cultural psychology to types of bookbindings to his next overseas adventure. When he’s not traversing the Mississippi river he’s taking the OED Certificate of Equity and Diversity, or trying to grow something new in the greenhouses.

Olivia Latimer is a junior at the U pursuing an Individually Designed Interdepartmental Major in Art, Anthropology, English and History. Olivia’s using her individualized degree to explore how cultural functions of storytelling shape our perception of the unknown and the other- and the social justice implications. Olivia’s interests include battling both vampires and misogyny, and someday she hopes to contribute her work toward telling responsible, captivating stories.

Lindsey Budde is a junior majoring in Supply Chain Management. Originally from Milwaukee, she has gained a new passion for the cities in her time at the U of M. Outside of WAM, Lindsey spends a lot of time working within MSA and Senate, but also enjoys drawing, online shopping, Chipotle, and watching HGTV.

Caleb Vanden Boom is a third year student from Madison, WI in the Graphic Design program at the University of Minnesota’s College of Design. He also interns at WAM as a communications and marketing intern and at local design firm Less Co.

Kaity Kugler is a third year Studio Art and Psychology double major with a focus in art therapy. Hands filled with a six shot americano, most of her days are spent heading back and forth on the Washington bridge or crafting coffee for mindless airport travelers. In her spare time, she draws odd portraits on “trash”, asks herself why she doesn’t have a cat or dog yet, and watches superhero TV shows on an endless loop.

Madalyn Johnson is studying Strategic Communications and Environmental Science, Policy and Management! Born and raised in Stillwater, Minnesota, she is a natural fan of outdoor activities, tremendous amounts of snow and the Twin Cities. She is incredibly excited and honored to be a part of the vibrant art community in Minneapolis.

Anya Udovik is a second year Art History and History major with a particular interest in alternative gallery spaces and museology, in addition to being  your local Lily Munster enthusiast, Although her primary focus is contemporary Eastern European art history, Anya also enjoys reading up on postwar print culture, transi tombs, and Conceptualism.

Laurel Darling is a sophomore student studying English and Art History, as well as prerequisites to master in nursing. In addition to the WAM Collective, Laurel is a part of She’s The First on campus. She can also be found working at the Minnesota English Language Program office. In her limited free time, Laurel enjoys traveling, milling around with friends, listening to rap music, and watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Natasha Mara Victa is a second year student majoring in Urban Studies. She is very passionately from Cincinnati, OH but considers Chicago, IL her second home. When she has free time, Natasha can be found reading or knitting and watching Netflix. Her main focus is how the arts intersect with social justice and community building and development.

Lauren Gengler is a second year from Wisconsin working on majors in Art and Journalism. She currently works at the WAM as a gallery guard. She spends most of her free time dancing around the kitchen, cooking noodles, eating entire avocados, and listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat.

Rae Barney
 is currently a first year at the University of Minnesota. Raised among Arizonan prickly pears and tarantulas, Rae is new recent Twin Cities transplant. If planning to engage in small talk, please refrain from mentioning the weather. Rae will probably cry.


Katie Covey is the WAM Collective Advisor and Program Specialist at the Weisman Art Museum where she focuses on community engagement and public programming. She has a BA in English Literature and Strategic Communications, with a background in program evaluation, event production, grant writing and archiving. Covey is a Masters candidate in Arts & Cultural Leadership at the University of Minnesota and is focusing her research on museum interpretation and new models for audience engagement. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Cycling Museum of Minnesota and is an active supporter of outdoor and leisure activities.

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