April 18, 2016


Each year for the WAM Design Showcase, stylists from Juut SalonSpa in Uptown volunteer their time and talents to help the Showcase designers’ visions come to life for the runway. I sat down with lead stylist for this year’s Likeness Showcase, Stephanie Domrose, to chat about how Juut fits into the theme of this year’s designs: “How Do You Become You?”.

Stephanie, along with the other seven stylists, is inspired by the question. The theme of becoming yourself resonates with her work deeply. She directly connects the theme with the ability to change your look or style: “So much of what we do here at Juut is about transition; helping clients to try new looks and styles to uncover who they want to be.”

Check out some photos of my meeting with Stephanie at Juut SalonSpa in Uptown and read up on all eight of the Likeness Design Showcase stylists below!

Meet the Likeness Stylists:


Stephanie Domrose: I’ve been in the biz for 10 years now and this is my 4th (I think) WAM show!  It’s awesome to work with such creative and talented student designers- the experience always inspires me!  Also, ‘Likeness’ as a theme is so relatable and almost playful. The idea of ‘trying on’ different identities takes out the seriousness of it (the who am I) and seems to go along with the idea of reinvention…so cool!


Laura Mader: I’m Laura and I’ve been in the business for over 25 years. I love working with inspiring people and the creative part of my job. It’s exciting to see an artist’s vision come to life!


Emily Larson: I love the creativity that flows out of the young people involved in this event! They are inspiring to collaborate with!


Anna Nordby: I’m Anna Nordby, and I have been working with Juut Salonspa for nearly 4 years. I’m very much looking forward to working with these talented designers, and helping them to ensure that their passion shines through their work!


Eva Lyngby: I am so excited to get to finish a look for students that have been working so diligently and passionately on a project that means so much to them. I am excited to see everything come together and show a little of my talent along the way.


Ashley Schauf: My name is Ashley, and I love sculpting updos! I am most excited to work together with other artists on their visions, and to help these visions come to life!


Robbie Jacobs: I’m Robbie Jacobs, and I get super inspired every year at the WAM Fashion show because pulling collective looks together with a designer makes me so thrilled. I love to help bring their vision to life. #WAMfashionshowFEVER


Amy Briscoe: My name’s Amy, I’ve been a stylist at Juut for 2 years now and my favorite thing to do in life is style hair! I’m looking forward to the whole creative process, collaborating with the designers so the models’ hair compliments and shows their best work, and to see the final outcome of it all together in the end!


Haily Schmitz I study Architecture in the College of Design here at the U, along with a minor in Urban Studies. I love traveling, food, and everything creative. Outside of my work here you might find me serving tables out on Lake Minnetonka, jamming to some hot tunes, or more likely snuggled in bed with my Boston Terriers Oliver and Luna. I’m excited to work with the WAM Collective and bring more creativity and artful thinking to students on campus!

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