November 23, 2015

Give Mindfully

WAM Collective has created a thoughtful gift guide inspired by our own favorite items in the WAM shop, and the friends or family we buy gifts for every year. Relationships don’t always fit into categories like “dad,” “girlfriend,” “husband,” or “daughter,” and gift giving is more fun when you consider the true character of your loved ones.


Dreamer small

My Future Listography by Lisa Nola ($16.95), Fortune-Telling Books ($9.95), Kikkerland Cloud Eraser ($4.50), Cubebot ($8.50-$16.95).

The Daydreamer
Is their head in the clouds? Or do they need a reminder to keep dreaming? A sweet collection of mindful distractions promotes self reflection. Cubebot, Design Ideas’ cloud eraser, and a Buddha Board will dreamify their deskspace. Precious books provide an excuse to relax and do nothing.
Eco-Friendly2 small

Woodcut by Bryan Nash Gill ($29.95), Leaves for Life ($36.00), Duluth Pack ($95.00-$225.00), bkr bottle ($30.00), B.T. McElrath Chocolate ($00.99-$6.00).

The Eco-Friend(ly)
Locally made and ethically sourced chocolate is a great mid-hike snack. A glass water bottle is better for taste, the environment, and personal health. With these tools stuffed into a Duluth Pack, your friend is ready to hit the trail. Gilded leaves and tree trunk relief prints preserve summer’s beauty and are easily enjoyed inside during the bitter winter months.
Foodie Gift Guide 2 small

The Edible Selby ($35.00), Jonathan’s Spoons ($8.95-$42.00), Elizabeth Pechacek Ceramics ($14.00-$112.00), WAM Rooftop Honey ($8.95-$14.95).

The Foodie
Satisfy your favorite [home] cook’s craving for something special and sustainable with locally made ceramics, wooden tools carved in the US, and honey made by the bees that reside on WAM’s rooftop. Then, inspire them to make you some tasty treats with a look inside unique kitchens around the world; The Edible Selby is a beautiful book loaded with ideas and intuitive recipes.
Hibernator small

Ame’s Farm Beeswax Candle ($4.25-$22.50), Woodchuck USA WAM Journal ($18.00), Kikkerland Doodle Jar ($6.95), Zig Zag Wool Scarf/Throw/Shawl ($36.00).

The Hibernator
A cloud of wool, a warm glow, some tactile doodling. Every Minnesotan needs some cozy supplies for the winter. This survival kit is perfect for anyone (and these reasonably priced trinkets are guilt free gifts to keep for yourself).
Traveler small

CITIx60 City Guides ($9.95), Jao Refresher ($10.50), Kikkerland Wood Globe ($30.00), 642 Places to Draw ($16.95).

The World Traveler
Keep them busy dreaming of future adventures with a stylish wooden globe and a book that invites free form scribbling. Then, city guides with insider tips from local (to the destination city) creatives will implement meaningful real-world experiences. A travel-sized, multipurpose, and natural freshening spray helps them feel clean and rejuvenated on the go.

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