November 19, 2015

Join Us!

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Poster design by WAM Collective member Elise Armani

WAM Collective is now accepting applications for Fall 2016 membership! This is the perfect opportunity for those interested in planning events inspired by current exhibitions, working closely with arts professionals, collaborating with other student groups, and promoting the museum across the UMN campus.

We’re always looking for new ideas and new perspectives. Please fill out a quick online application by September 12th 2016 and we will be in touch after the deadline has passed.

Some of our current members reflect on their experiences thus far:


Elise Armani My favorite thing about WAM Collective is having the opportunity to work with students interested in the Museum field and Museum professionals to build new innovative ways to engage with the art work at WAM (also the bagels and extensive use of Google Calendar).



Asia Cruz My favorite thing about WAM Collective is the opportunity to work closely on aspects of the museum that actually make a difference. Not only do we get to brainstorm ideas for the museum, but we get to help them unfold. It is so inspiring to get real experience while engaging with other hard-working, determined students!



Meg Kelly Freshman year, I can vividly remember volunteering for the first time at the opening of the Siberia Exhibition Opening. I was blown away by the grandeur of the event. Ever since then, I have valued being a part of the Collective to help out with large-scale events and be apart of a creative community – it has been a great creative outlet for me in college. The Weisman is such an amazing place to utilize in your undergrad – you do not want to miss out the opportunity to develop great relationships with the amazing staff but also other college students who have an appreciation for the arts!



Layna Mestad WAM Collective has allowed me to explore my interest in museum life by providing me with endless opportunities that allow me to get involved with the museum and the surrounding community. The art is fascinating, the coffee and doughnuts at meetings are yummy and the people are pretty fabulous too. My only wish is that I had found WAM Collective sooner.



Iris Page My favorite thing about WAM Collective is making friends! WAM Collective is a wonderful place to not only meet people, but to build working relationships and help one another to carry out our ideas.



Kaitlin Rahon I love being able to have a group of people in my life that are so creatively-minded. It is a refreshing atmosphere to unleash creative vibes and catch up on art movements I would not have learned about in other groups I am involved in on campus. Personally, the WAM Collective has allowed me to gain experience about museum operations and event coordinating, something I am very interested in pursuing as a career path. The Weisman Museum itself is a fantastic place to get away from stressors in life. You can just take a breath and soak in all of the one-of-a-kind artwork hanging on the walls.


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