November 9, 2015

Chalk Talk

Last Friday sixty strangers, friends, colleagues, and neighbors packed themselves into the Sheperd Room at WAM for a workshop with internationally acclaimed photographer, Wing Young Huie. Wing presented powerful dialogue about culture, race, and identity through his own work and life experiences. Afterwards, he asked audience members a series of questions to be answered in small groups. Participants wrote down a few of their own words from their discussions and photographed each other. Here are a few photos from the afternoon:

Screenshot_2015-11-09-10-07-15-1 Screenshot_2015-11-09-10-07-08-1 Screenshot_2015-11-09-10-07-00-1 IMG_20151109_101158 Screenshot_2015-11-09-10-11-04-1 Screenshot_2015-11-09-10-11-18-1 IMG_20151109_101501 IMG_20151109_101836 Screenshot_2015-11-09-10-08-07-1 Screenshot_2015-11-09-10-08-15-1 Screenshot_2015-11-09-10-08-29-1 Screenshot_2015-11-09-10-08-35-1 Screenshot_2015-11-09-10-09-51-1 Screenshot_2015-11-09-10-10-06-1 Screenshot_2015-11-09-10-10-13-1 Screenshot_2015-11-09-10-10-43-1 Screenshot_2015-11-09-10-10-51-1 Screenshot_2015-11-09-10-11-10-1


WAM Collective is hosting another free workshop for UMN students with local printmaker, Witt Siasoco,  this Friday, November 13th from 1-5pm. The workshop will be influenced by one of WAM’s current exhibitions, Black and White, and will explore the use of printmaking as activism. Participants will respond to current social issues, create their own screen print, and contribute to a collaborative banner. You may register here.

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