July 9, 2014

UMN Students’ Choice

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The summer portion of WAM@20, the yearlong 20th anniversary exhibit that explores different methods of choice, is curated by Minnesotans. This includes input from Minnesota artists, Minnesota “notables,” Minnesota State Fair goers, and University of Minnesota students.

Students had the opportunity to vote for their favorite pieces at two events last winter. They scrolled through images on iPads set up at the Flashback party, and at one of WAM Collective’s study nights, and chose their favorite accession from each year since 1993.


The chosen works are currently on display in the gallery (and a few are shown below)!


Mudman, Hidden Beach
Katherine Turczan
gelatin silver print

Students that live on campus in the summer usually find their way to “Hidden Beach” on Cedar Lake near Uptown Minneapolis. The Mudman keeps an eye on the mud pits there. He picks up trash, counts mud pit attendees, and lets everyone know where the “good” mud is on any given day. He is even mentioned on Wikipedia!


Mentioned on the “UMN Students’ Choice” gallery plaque:


Ex Libris Hedda Deutsch
Jaro Beran
bookplate print


Red Grooms
offset lithograph


Untitled (music box)
Christian Marclay
wood, metal


How to read an accession number: Accession numbers are used to catalogue objects in a museum. Each piece has its own unique number. Usually, part of the number refers to the year the object was acquired. The other numbers can indicate the order it was acquired that year or refer to different categories, such as period or geographical region, in the museum.

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