February 5, 2012

Studio On Fire!

Studio On Fire┬áhosted an opening party last weekend, which a couple of us were able to attend. For those of you who are unfamiliar with their work, please check out their website – they have some of the most wonderful looking cards, posters, shirts, etc. in the Twin Cities.

The soiree was packed with people of all ages, and they had activities to fit everyone’s interests. We spent what felt like hours at the Valentine’s Day card making station (when’s the last time you got a chance to play with hundreds of stamps?). Then, we headed into the main room to look at some of their jaw-dropping equipment while munching on brats, finger food, and sipping Surly. We ran into some familiar faces from classes here at the U, and learned that another room had glass-blowing demonstrations. Of course, we had to check that out. I had seen glass-blowing before, but there’s something so mesmerizing about watching the glass get so hot it turns to an undulating liquid-like form, and then being quickly blown into a bulb (and, sometimes, breaking off and shattering all over the floor). We spent a long time in that room as well.

It was really fun to look at the hundreds of samples Studio On Fire had lying around. Their business cards are so unique and cool looking. They’ve worked with clients in every type of business and with aesthetics all over the map. Some of their posters were also really awesome. We wanted to buy everything – unfortunately a lot of them were one-of-a-kind special order prints, and therefore, not for sale. But looking at all of that definitely got our creative minds buzzing. There’s nothing like being surrounded by art of that fine quality. Check out their website for upcoming events, because everyone should have a chance at that experience.

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